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Electronic document delivery

Electronic document delivery

TC能源为注册股东提供网上电子文件, non-registered shareholders, potential shareholders and other interested parties.

Electronic document delivery is more convenient, more environmentally friendly, and helps reduce postage and print costs.

Registered shareholders

注册股东直接拥有其股份,并在TC Energy注册为所有者. 以下在线文件可供注册股东使用.

Annual Shareholder Information (annual report, notice of meeting, 资料通函及与委托有关的资料,以及与周年及/或特别会议有关的任何其他资料)

  • Quarterly financial reports
  • 报表(直接存款通知、股利再投资计划报表)

eDelivery subscription

注册股东的电子认购服务由TC能源的转让代理提供, Computershare Investor Services, Inc. 对于每一个注册的持有人,将以您的名义种植一棵树. 在网上订购派递服务时,请提供股息支票或月结单上的户口号码.

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Non-registered shareholders

非注册股东通过经纪账户持有股份,不注册为TC Energy的所有者. 以下网上文件可供非注册股东使用:

Annual shareholder information (annual report, notice of meeting, 资料通函及与委托有关的资料,以及与周年及/或特别会议有关的任何其他资料).

Investor delivery

非注册股东的电子认购服务由Investor Delivery提供. 网上报名时,请提供报名号码. It can be found on your most recent mailing.

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在某种程度上,信息提交给投资者关系部门(通过电子邮件), fax, 与处理上述要求无关的普通邮件或其他邮件, the information will not be maintained or stored by IR, but will be destroyed. 如果提交的信息与TC能源其他部门处理的请求有关, the information will be forwarded to appropriate parties. 请不要提供文件原件,原件将不予退还. For more information, please review our Privacy Statement.